The Comfortable State of Living before the Celestial Graduation


Life is an educational journey. We arrived at the port of sailing as infants with fear of the unknown having exited the womb of safety of a loving mother, and we embarked on the vessel of humanity.

From the beginning, we had to learn how to eat, how to sleep, how to walk, how to pay attention to new things, how to adapt to an ecosystem, how to survive a crisis, how to become a great member of a social environment, how to grow intellectually, how to fulfill our desires, how to live with dignity and honor, how to enjoy the moments of happiness, how to deal with pain and grief, and how to face success and failure without losing our hard earned principles and values.

We graduated from kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, and a good number of us from colleges and university programs.

The painstaking and often rewarding process was structured on attending classes, reading books, and taking tests, which we had to pass to get a piece of paper, certificate, license or diploma.

Although the majority of us participated in religious services according to our culture and traditions, none of us ever mastered the knowledge of passing, or achieving a Celestial Graduation, the ultimate stage to the truth.

None of us can avoid the inevitable; however, just a few of us, strong and proud, at times weak and vulnerable, will review our options for what lies beyond the spectrum of the sun.

A Hospice Program is offered as a bridge of support to facilitate a terminally ill person to negotiate with the last departure in the most comfortable state of being based on individual needs and wants.

Furthermore, Hospice provides support and guidance to family members affected by the possible loss of their loved one, envisioning the quality of life rather than the limited quantity of time on this beautiful planet.

By Peter Mandellos


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