Enlightening Resources


At Guardian Hospice Organization, we are eager to become a Team of Enlightenment for the Senior Adults and their families, so they can navigate safely during challenging times; hence, in addition to the following resources we will be adding to the list from time to time anything that we assess as valuable and helpful. For your convenience, the list is alphabetized.1....

Happy Thanksgiving is Every Day


This year, on November 22nd, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a great American Holiday, and it is usually the best family gathering during which, we enjoy delicious food and desserts, watch football games, and the most important observance is that we express our profound gratitude for all the blessings that we have received throughout the last 364...

The Comfortable State of Living before the Celestial Graduation


Life is an educational journey. We arrived at the port of sailing as infants with fear of the unknown having exited the womb of safety of a loving mother, and we embarked on the vessel of humanity.From the beginning, we had to learn how to eat, how to sleep, how to walk, how to pay attention to new things, how to adapt to an ecosystem, how to survive a crisis, how to...

Introducing Hospice Care to Traditional Societies and Families


In traditional societies, the family members provide the senior care and the care for the sick. The seniors of these communities are often unfamiliar with the idea of having non-family members as caregivers. Seniors may feel abandoned by their family members when people outside the family serve as primary caregivers, and likewise, family members may struggle with...

What should one ask the doctor


Family members are often asked to make a decision for someone at the end of life. Unless it is clearly defined and recorded by the terminally-ill person who has already created a will, or has expressed verbally wishes, opinions, and feelings, one must take into consideration the values of the individual. What were the important pieces in life? Was it family? Was it...

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