Guardian Hospice volunteers play an important role for the patient who is receiving care and services by our team. They make a difference in someone's life and in the process they enjoy the feelings of giving from the heart, for the most valuable element in social interaction is TIME. 

There is a comprehensive training for those who are interested in volunteering, and there are choices for the participants of scheduling and cases they want to serve.

For the majority volunteer assignments, participants must get a two-step tuberculosis (TB) test, an authorization to perform their tasks from a medical practitioner, and submit to a background check.

If you have the passion to enhance someone's daily living by offering altruistically your valuable time, we will be delighted to have you on out team, and you will be a proud member of a noble mission. 

Please email us at info@guardianhospice.org  or call us at (847) 446-0000