There are four levels of care:

  • 1. Routine Home Care: Care provided by all interdisciplinary team (IDT) members, which includes provision of medications, equipment, and supplies. This care is provided in a patient's place of residence, which may include a skilled nursing facility or assisted living community. This level of care requires intermittent visits by members of IDT as identified in the plan of care.

  • 2. Continuous Care: Care provided if a medical crisis develops which can no longer be managed effectively in the patient's home by the family with intermittent hospice services. This care is available for 8-24 hours per day as necessary to maintain a patient at home.

  • 3. General Inpatient Care: Care provided on a short-term basis for palliation of acute medical and/or psychosocial symptoms related to the terminal illness. This care is provided at a contracted skilled nursing facility or an acute care hospital. Guardian Hospice maintains medical and legal responsibility for the patient.

  • 4. Respite Care: Care provided on a short-term basis for family/caregiver relief in a contracted skilled nursing facility. This care may be provided for up to five (5) consecutive days per benefit period and includes the same services as routine home care.